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In our clinic we work with a team of multidisciplinary therapists, specialized in physiotherapy, rehabilitation, osteopathy, lymphatic drainage and sports therapy. 
Working as a team we can combine our medical knowledge and systematically screen and diagnose your physical condition. We will advise which form of therapy will be most effective in the treatment of your symptoms. Combined treatments are possible. 
You are in great hands with us when you:
• have an orthopaedic ailment: this includes neck, shoulder, back, hip and knee problems;
• have recently had orthopaedic surgery;
• have tension headaches and neck pain;
• have a problem with your posture or a sports injury;
• have a cardiovascular condition;
• suffer from edema after surgery or illness;
• have had a stroke;
• suffer from Parkinson's disease.
Your full recovery is central in our philosophy of working as a team!
The goal is to restore a healthy movement pattern after an injury, surgery or disease by making use of the possibilities of the body in the correct manner.
The physical therapist uses conventional techniques such as massage, stretching and mobilizing. When possible, these techniques will be combined with active rehabilitation in our training area, but also at home using a training schedule designed just for you.
This combined treatment will rapidly increase the functionality of the body, the confidence in movement and your independence.
The osteopath focuses on the mobility of the spine and joints. Elevated tension in the surrounding tissues, organs and the nervous system can negatively affect the mobility of the joints and the entire body.  
With soft manipulations and stretching, the osteopath will decrease the tension, enabling you to move and function freely.
Sports therapy
When you have a sports injury, your aim is to be back at the training ground as soon as possible.
Our sports therapist will work with you, both in the treatment room as well as in the training area.
In this way the affected tissue will recover and rehabilitate to the point where you will be strong enough for your next endeavor!
Lymphatic drainage
When the drainage of lymph fluid is temporarily or chronically disturbed, our edema therapist can help you with lymphatic drainage.
Making gentle, pumping movements, we try to stimulate and activate the moisture absorption through the lymphatic vessels, which will reduce the accumulation of fluid (edema).
Complaints of tension or congestion of the skin, a painful or tingling sensation and the size of the affected body part will be reduced.
Naturopathic massage
Naturopathic massage is an holistic massage treatment.
The massage activates the self-healing ability of the body. Body and mind reconnect and the balance in your body improves.
This psychosomatic approach gives the massage depth and so much value!
Sports massage
A good, intensive sports massage helps your body recover after exercise; it stimulates the breakdown and removal of toxins and reduces stress accumulated through exercise. 
You will be refreshed for the next performance!
Relaxation massage
When you suffer from tension, physically or mentally, you can opt for a relaxation massage.
Our dedicated massage therapist will calmly massage your entire body, intensifying the therapy in areas with elevated muscle tension. 
The ambiance in the room and the relaxed music will help you regain your inner peace.
"When you have a healthy body in motion you can create the quality of life you wish for!"
"It is our goal to support you in creating a better quality of life, we believe in the value of a healthy, functioning body.
We believe in the power of teamwork and will always keep your wishes and ideas in mind."
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