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Multidisciplinary clinic for physiotherapy and fitness
In our clinic we work with a team of multidisciplinary therapists and instructors, specialized in physiotherapy, rehabilitation, osteopathy, lymphatic drainage, sports therapy and fitness.
You can find 1 on treatment which is focused on regaining the functionality of your body after an injury, surgery or disease. In a later stage of your rehabilitation, you can join our medical training groups.
With this therapy-based training you will be able to reduce existing physical complaints even if you suffer from a chronic problem.
Are you just willing to work on your general fitness level, by guidance of a specialized instructor? Then you can take classes on different fitness levels, from high impact to low impact, from stretching to focussing on strength work. The common goal is to work on a healthy body and to enjoy exercise!
Franky Meijer
"It is our ambition to support you in creating a better quality of life”
“We will help you achieve a balanced level of activities, fitting your physical abilities and your personal needs.
We believe in the power of teamwork and will always keep your wishes and ideas in mind."
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