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The goal of the rehabilitation is the recovery of the healthy movement pattern after surgery, a stroke, heart failure or when you suffer from a neurological condition.
During active rehabilitation, we focus on:
1. Reducing existing limitations by training these specific movements or by teaching you new movement strategies;
2. Recovery of daily activities and social life by implementing the newly taught movements.
Individual Rehabilitation
Even though we work with rehabilitation protocols in the clinic, we will always consider your personal situation and wishes. During the rehabilitation we are focussed on finding a balanced level of activities. 
We start by working with the ability of your body to support the recovery. Movements that cannot be recovered may be replaced by supporting and/or new movement patterns, in order to still execute the desired function.
Orthopaedic Rehabilitation
In the first phase of the rehabilitation after surgery, the physical therapist guides the natural recovery of the body.  Regaining mobility in the affected joint is carefully monitored.  If necessary, the physical therapist will come to your house.
For a wholesome recovery you will exercise every couple of hours for a short period of time. You will do this at home, following a structured exercise plan. The physical therapist will advise you on your daily activities, do's and don'ts and the necessary tools. You will be informed about the prognosis of your recovery.
The second phase of the rehabilitation focuses on regaining stability and muscle strength around the affected joint. While exercising in the clinic, we will also work on mobility and endurance of the muscle. Ample equipment is present in our training area to help you achieve the different targets within this phase.
The next step is 'functional training'; training the functions that are necessary for daily activities. We will always work towards restoring your social life and continuation of usual daily activities. After a successful surgery, it is very well possible to regain the same mobility level you had before the symptoms started!
Neurological Rehabilitation
The goal of neurological rehabilitation is the improvement of your mobility and physical independence. After a stroke or when you suffer from Parkinson's disease or another neurological condition.
Thanks to the elasticity of the central nerve system, it is possible to regain functions in the affected side of the body after a stroke. Systematic training and continuous stimulation cause the brain to adjust. It is especially in the first year that you re-learn movement patterns and skills after the stroke.
*We work with the principles of PNF, Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation.
Parkinson's disease
As a result of Parkinson's disease, disturbances in the body posture and walking may arise. There may also be vibration, stiffness and freezing.
Because of the shortage of dopamine in the brain, there are problems with the internal distribution of information, which causes a disturbance in the performance of automatic and repetitive movements.
In order to replace this distribution, the physical therapist will teach you how to use ascertain signals, which you use consciously and with great attention in order to ease movement.
We also teach you to transform complex (automatic) activities into separate movements. 
The treatment focuses on improving walking, balance, body posture and stamina.  The physical therapist will advise you about the use of tools, in case they are needed.
Since 2018 we are working with the Parkinson´s Support Group from “Help Denia” providing their members with weekly Neurological Rehabilitation sessions at the clinic.
After heart failure, heart surgery or with a cardiovascular disease, you can train with us in order to improve your cardiovascular stamina. Our cardio equipment is furnished with internal pulse monitors, which allows us to monitor your heart rate. Your blood pressure will be measured with a blood-pressure measuring device and the oxygen level in blood is measured with the help of a pulse oximeter.
The rehabilitation consists of endurance training combined with interval training, in order to optimally train the heart and improve your stamina. You will also train on the strength-building equipment in order to improve the stamina of the entire body. Notably the respiratory muscles, such as the chest and back muscles will be trained.
Thanks to composed and concentrated training you will regain confidence and courageously resume your daily activities!
"It is our goal to support you in creating a better quality of life”
"We will help you achieve a balanced level of activities, fitting your physical abilities and your personal needs.
We believe in the power of teamwork and will always keep your wishes and ideas in mind."
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