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Data & Privacy
If you make the first appointment for a consultation, treatment, or sports class, your personal data will be included in our administration system, after completing and signing the 'Registration form and permission to use personal data'.
We will use and manage your data in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). All data and information will be treated confidentially.
Your personal data is well protected against unauthorized access. We have taken appropriate security measures to protect your personal data (such as working with login codes on secure PCs with secure software specifically designed for registering paramedical treatments).
Your medical data is recorded on a so-called 'PRC' (Patient Record Card). These are archived in a room that is closed at all times.
There will be no exchange of data with third parties without consultation and agreement with the patient/client.
The practitioner has a duty of confidentiality towards the patient, unless the patient has consented to the provision of information.
The strict security requirements are also imposed on parties who process personal data on our behalf (e.g. external specialists, our accounting firm Font Gestors Administratius S.L., health insurers and software suppliers).
In the unlikely event of a data breach somewhere, we are obliged to report this within 48 hours to the Personal Data Authority and to you.
For questions about our privacy policy or questions about accessing and changing (or deleting) your personal data, please contact us at any time.
You may at any time revoke in writing your consent to the use of your personal data, as stated on our 'Registration form and consent to use personal data'.
All documents provided by Clínica Jávea, such as training schedules or programs, PRC's (Patient Record Cards), advice, registration or complaint forms and assignments for your rehabilitation and/or treatment are intellectual property of Clínica Jávea and may not be reproduced.
All Clínica Jávea therapists are registered with the Ilustre Colegio de Fisioterapeutas de la Comunidad Valenciana. Treatments are carried out according to the rules of conduct and guidelines of this association.
Clínica Jávea is officially a clinic and is registered in the 'Registro Sanitario de Generalitat Valenciana' under number 21286.
Franky Meijer, owner of Clínica Jávea, is also registered in the BIG register under number 69057971404. (This registration is subject to Dutch law)
Rights & Obligations
The first appointment with one of our therapists always consists of at least a 10-minute consultation. At this time a history and physical examination will take place. On the basis of this, a decision will be made as to whether to treatment will go ahead or not. A stand-alone consultation is free of charge.
You are free to choose your therapist. However, everyone in our team has their own specialisation. Ask for this and indicate if you have a specific referral for e.g. osteopathy, rehabilitation, physiotherapy, oedema therapy, lymphatic drainage or sports physiotherapy.
You may terminate our agreement or cooperation/treatment at any time. In this case, a final consultation is required for the doctors (GP) report.
Clínica Jávea may terminate the agreement or cooperation/treatment if the treatment does not lead to the desired results and a referral proves necessary.
We try to serve you as best we can. Nevertheless if you wish to make a comment or complaint, we ask you to make this known to your physiotherapist.
If you want to report a complaint officially, we provide 'hojas de reclamaciones' (claim forms), which you can submit to the municipality of Jávea.
To change appointments you can reach us by phone (965 79 6060 / 639 561 481), send a message by WhatsApp (639 561 481) or send an e-mail (
It is not always possible to speak to your physiotherapist by telephone. You can leave your phone number and we will call you as soon as possible.
To sign out for the treatment or class must be done before 18h00 the day before your appointment, via email, WhatsApp or phone.
If you cancel on the day of your appointment, we are unfortunately forced to charge you for the treatment or lesson. Cancellation due to illness will not be charged.
Payment & Invoicing
The prices of treatment and lessons are in accordance with the latest price list, which can be found at the reception desk.
All treatments are paid in advance per 1, 11 or 33 sessions.
• The 11- and 33- session cards are not available for a medical treatment process if the invoice is submitted to a health insurance company.
Payment for a sports lesson is made prior to lessons, or in advance per 11 or 33 lessons.
At payment you will receive a receipt. (This is your proof of payment)
When your 11- or 33- session card is used, you can request a "Performance overview" with all used appointments and payments.
At the end of your treatment, 11 or 33 sessions, or over a further agreed period, you will receive an official invoice from us upon request.
Clínica Jávea is not responsible for submitting the claim to your health insurer.
Clínica Jávea can in no way be held liable for whether or not your treatment is reimbursed by your health insurer. Ask your health insurer about the reimbursement of your treatment or refer to your policy conditions.
Unused, but paid sessions are not refundable, but can be used in another way by mutual agreement.
You can buy a separate (sports) lesson 5x per year maximum, after that you can continue on an 11- or 33- session card.
House rules
Clients and patients should behave according to the generally applicable (decency) norms and values.
We would appreciate it if you do not use your mobile phone in the treatment room. Please turn your phone to 'silent'.
When practicing in the training hall, please use (sports) footwear that you do not use outdoors.
A towel is required when using the training room. We also ask you to clean the exercise equipment after use. A towel for your therapeutic treatment will be provided by us.
In the clinic there is a total ban on smoking.
The practice is not responsible for theft of property.
Our complete house rules are available in 4 languages at the reception desk.
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Copyright © 2010-2020, Clínica Jávea. All rights reserved.