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We have three spacious treatment rooms and two exercise rooms in the clinic, covering an area of 210 m2. There are changing rooms, toilets and a shower area. After treatment or class there is room in our entrance hall to rest and have a drink before you leave.
The treatment rooms are designed spaciously, so there is enough room for a physical analysis and teaching of homework exercises. The third treatment area is accessible via the patio and is designed as rest area for relaxation massages.
The two exercise rooms are on the other side of the patio. Both rooms are spacious, calm and light and offer a familiar environment that allows concentrated work on your treatment goals.
In the morning, the big room (82 m2) is used for the Fitness classes and Medical Trainings.
There are four types of fitness equipment. Each type has specific possibilities and allows you to work on various different training parameters.
Three dimensional cable machine. By performing the requested movement, you don't only train muscle strength, but also coordination and stability of the surrounding joints. 
You are supposed to maintain your body posture during the exercise, causing you to also train your core stability.
Two multifunctional strength machines and one hip machine. The machines guide the movement, which allows you to focus on building (basic) strength.
Very suitable for the first building of strength after an injury or surgery.
Professional cardio equipment, suitable for all fitness levels. You can vary with different training programmes, matching your fitness levels and goals.
Free weight station
The movement made by you is the base of the training. You improve by using, among others, your body weight, balance boards, dynabands, free weights and swiss ball.
"When you have a healthy body in motion you can create the quality of life you wish for!"
"It is our goal to support you in creating a better quality of life, we believe in the value of a healthy, functioning body.
We will help you achieve a balanced level of activities, fitting your physical abilities and your personal needs.
We believe in the power of teamwork and will always keep your wishes and ideas in mind."
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